The Boxer Rebellion


D R A G O N  A G E  :  I S A B E L A


Fallout: New Vegas

Loading Screens

you keep making these posts and I keep forgetting you’re playing SR and thus keep getting VERY confused

asdfds id imagine 

saints in general should be purple themed closer to grape closer to god


shiara sketchhh

my boss was purple themed before i caught on that the saints are purple themed

how convenient 

so me and pierce were driving around and he starts singing and my boss starts singing with him and its the cutest thing ever


Game Typography Challenge 

skyrim places: evergreen grove

Just use the salve if it comes back.

Scarleteen Funding/Strike Update (and it’s a really good one!)


We — and you! — did it! 


We met the minimum goal we needed to to avoid a strike and having to shut down any of our services.  A strike will now NOT be happening.

We can’t thank the 1,000+ of you enough who have given a donation to help us do this, and who have made it possible for all the young people who need and use our services to keep on using them without interruption. same goes for all of you who retweeted, reblogged, wrote appeals and invested your time and energy and heart into helping us do this.  We appreciate all of you so much.

Better still? A generous donor who wants Scarleteen to have more than the minimum to work with, and do what they can to get us past surviving and into thriving, has offered up a $10,000 match for all donations given from April 15th to May 1st! So, anything you give now through May 1st will be matched, dollar for dollar, for up to $10,000 worth. If we can meet that whole match, that would shuttle us well out of our current crisis and into a better position financially than we have ever been.  Thanks so much to everone who has already given to support us; thanks to you in advance for your gift, too!


game of the year