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 boners on the rise

Gloat all you like. I have this one.”
Are you… sassing me, Commander? I didn’t think you had it in you.”

Zu’u lost daal


Literally all I saw in this scene….The friend-fic writes itself!




*muffled sound of amell gasping and clutching his chest in agony*


Just some scetches 

more general info from today’s twitch session on skyhold!


  • skyhold is HUGE holy CRAPPERS
  • inquisitor has a bedroom/office with huge windows and a balcony
  • main hall has changeable throne; thrones are found through quests, exploration, etc
  • when you first get skyhold it is broken down; you build it up with presence of scaffolding along the way. you can also see broken down areas overgrown with vines, roots
  • has a gorgeous garden/courtyard area
  • there is a dungeon to imprison enemies then bring them before the throne to judge them
  • different followers have different spaces that are indicative of character/personality
  • cassandra is in the garden/courtyard area
  • there is a tavern, a stable for mounts, a kitchen, library with a research assistant
  • someone in the tavern seemed to say that they saw the champion?
  • varric is lounging near a roaring fire
  • you can literally get lost in skyhold
  • vivienne’s area is fancy with knickknacks and a chaise lounge
  • leliana has a rookery
  • josephine’s room is warm and homey
  • leliana comes in and i ship them a lot
  • there’s a contract on josephine’s life and leliana offers to solve that little problem…
  • you can’t change the inquisitor’s clothing
  • 'some beds are “holy crap”!'



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